We Are Not Alone

|They said it was safe. 

They lied.


The world may be going to hell, but Riley’s worries extend beyond that.

3 months ago Riley’s Sister applied for a job with the Osiris Initiative, the world leader in medical technology. Despite initially having a way to contact her, daily communications have ceased. Something isn’t right.

Attempting to locate her sister by using connections at her job, Riley is fired for gross misconduct with no answers.

Applying to be a test subject with the Osiris Initiative, Riley hopes to gain information on the illusive organisation and ultimately find her sister.

That is… if the experiment is as safe as they said.


 Dual Gameplay System

Explore the underground horrors in first person and solve puzzles in a third person point and click mode.

Safety Through the Lens

Your camera keeps you safe. While viewing through the camera, the creature can cause you no harm. Place it down and put yourself at risk.

Find Out the Truth

Uncover the mysteries behind the creatures appearance, abilities and intentions.

The Characters


28 years old, camera operator for a news reporter. 

Chosen due to inability to control her <<REDACTED>> – long periods might be able to teach self control.


32, data analyst. 

Childhood fear of <<REDACTED>> makes him the perfect candidate for testing effects of isolation.


35, IT Technician. 

While he has no known fears, or dependencies, he has shown that he is unable to remember <<REDACTED>> – given the rules of the experiment, could be a worthy candidate. 


March 28, 2024.


Stasis Booth Games



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